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Chin Augmentation with Silicone Implant

Conchal cartilage is harvested through the back of the ear, leaving no visible scar nor will it change the shape of the ear. Conchal cartilage is an autologous tissue hence there will be no risk of rejection.

Patients who have previously had nasal augmentation with implants may choose to remove the implant and replace it with ear cartilage.

Autogenous Tissue to Chin Complex

For those who want a subtle augmentation of the chin, ear tissue or cartilage can be used instead of an implant. This is however for minimal enlargement.

Autogenous Tissue to Chin Complex

Liposuction to under chin (Double Chin)

Chin liposuction is an extremely effective way to minimize the appearance of double chin, enhancing the jawline. It removes the fatty tissue beneath the jowl, under the chin as well as the upper portion of the neck, creating a smooth and slim contour.

*Also read Thermitight, a minimally invasive procedure, that can be used to tighten the skin under the chin at the same time reducing the double chin.

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