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Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency

  • Radiofrequency generates heat that reaches the deep layers of the skin to induce new collagen production by stimulating the fibroblast cells.

  • This treatment also increases production of elastin and encourages cell turnover, resulting in tighter, thicker, healthier and more youthful skin.

  • This treatment is FDA approved and is extremely safe and convenient.

  • Treatment time is short and there is no downtime.

EFFECTIVE to treat the following skin condition :

  • Loose skin on face and neck

  • Lack of collagen for skin rejuvenation, skin tone, texture and color

  • Dull skin and poor lusterless complexion

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

NO. OF TREATMENT to achieve better results :

Recommended 4–6 treatments at 2–3 weeks’ interval for best results


  • Tighten skin to a more ‘V’ shaped face

  • Toned and firmer skin texture

  • Improved over all skin condition


  • This treatment does not have any down time

  • May experience mild redness and swelling which will then subside quickly

  • You are able to use your regular skin care and make up products right after the treatment

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