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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

  • Autologus Platelet Rich Plasma utilizes the regenerative and healing properties of blood platelets to release growth factors locally to initiate the regeneration process of the skin.

  • This treatment basically suitable for all age group since it’s prepared from patient’s own blood, hence there will be minimum allergic reactions.

  • The treatment is simple and straight forward, a small sample of blood is drawn from the patient, then, it will be transferred into a centrifuge to harvest the plasma, and the plasma is then injected into areas of concern

Results in:

  • Increase in collagen production

  • Enhances skin elasticity, tone and thickness

  • Improves skin radiance

  • Improves cell regeneration

Do you have any concerns of:

  • Deep wrinkles on the forehead as well as areas around the eyes and lips

  • Uneven skin texture and fine lines

  • Lack of collagen for skin rejuvenation

  • Dull skin and poor lusterless complexion

  • Textural irregularities

  • Prominent Acne Scars

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