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Dr. Rica Ichihashi

Dr. Rica Farah Muhammad Abdullah Ichihashi

MBBS (Nottingham, UKM),  MED Sci (Nottingham)

MCRS (Ireland), MGenSurg (Mal)

Dr Rica graduated 1998 from Nottingham University, United Kingdom and started her medical career in Hukm. As a medical student she co-authored a scientific paper in the genetics of chick brain development earning her an honours degree in Biomedical Science.

In HUKM, she completed Masters in General Surgery between the years of 2000 – 2004 and quickly embarked on her tertiary training in the field of plastic surgery whilst also obtaining surgical membership with the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. She successfully completed her 3 years training which covers a wide field of specialized practice including reconstructive microvascular surgery, burns and hand surgery. Following this she pursued a deeper experience in her field spending more time in fellowships in Australia, Taiwan and also Singapore. She returned to Malaysia to head the Plastic and Hand Unit at Selayang Hospital.

She joined Esadsa House in year 2017 as a consultant cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon. In addition to her expanding her practice, she has a special interest in breast reconstruction surgery for breast cancer and female vaginal reconstruction. She is the primary physician who performs Thermiva and Thermitight in Esadsa Clinic.  

She is a mother of 3 children and although challenging, has always kept her 3 children in tow throughout her work and training experience locally and overseas. As with all working mothers, her main gripe is the constant struggle to achieve the ideal work life balance.

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If you would like to listen to Dr Rica speaking about breast reconstruction, head on over to this page.   It is a public talk organised by The Star.  

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