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Milia Oil Seeds, Mole, Wart Removal

Milia Oil Seeds, Mole, Wart Removal


Mole are common black and brown growths that can be seen on the skin. Moles typically develop until a person reach

30 years old and is common among many people. Aging causes these moles to become more pronounced and sometimes

develop follicles that are more prominent.

Miliaor oil-seeds

Miliaor oil-seeds are tiny cyst-like bulges that are found in groups on the face, eyelids and cheeks. Milia in adults are caused by environmental stress such as sun damage, burns, blistering, steroid creams and allergies.


Warts are scars on the skin tissue where the surface of the skin thickens around it forming a round, protruding skin abnormality. Warts are also a sign of viruses affecting the skin which could have been caused by an injury, poor immune system or the

strength of the virus.

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